Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Who that be?

First projects of the year twenty-ten~!
I still feel like I'm in that weird art phunk where anything I do just looks bad even though people say it's good. I know they're lying to me. :/

Self Portrait for Adv Comp illa. In the end I never found out what the correct dimensions where and instead found another senior portrait on someone's blog and just copied his dimension, ha ha. Clooose enough, right? Right.

Illa assignment of Father time and baby new year. When I started this assignment I was like No and then when I finished I was like No...... :[ B.N.Y got dem baby Louis Vuitton.


Anonymous said...

why you like no! i'm jealous of your ability to use hard brushes!! both look good!!!

Alex Khalifa said...

hahaha wtfff they're not lying to you!