Thursday, November 20, 2008

Make love bombs not love songs

My most recent two-part illustration project illustrating the song 'Love Bomb' by N*E*R*D. First picture is the cover of the song, second is the portrait of rapper/singer Pharrell Williams. I really like how it came out, one of my best so far in that class. Last two projects were kinda.... bleh. I can still see a lot of mistakes in it, but it's good enough. :]

Done in Photoshop CS3

Media dump

Just wanted to post some recent stuff I did in Media class.
Oil rub of Mr. Bean :D First one I did was of Bruce Lee, but Mr. Bean came out better considering I did it in 3 hours before class.... Needs more highlights and looks a bit chalky, so need to improve on that later....

This is our current project "Every hair on the dog" assignment. This is just a color study that I really liked. Working on the final right now. I don't know if it looks a little too purple, I added a raw sienna glaze over it so hopefully it will warm it up a bit. Background also a bit too bright so that's gonna be dulled down a bit too.
More stuff coming soooooon....

Project Daydream

Here is another old piece from first semester that I felt like uploading. This is from freshman year in my Communication Design class. Project: Create a visual narrative story book... or something like that. Anyways, this is what I came up with. Ten comic strip-like pages printed on individual boxes that were placed inside of each other. It's front and back and both sides read from left to right, so it allows the viewer to walk around the book. All the pages were done in Photoshop CS3. Basic idea of the story is about some guy who wakes up and does his monotonous morning routines until he starts day dreaming and it all goes crazy from there.
I really like how this project came out, and it also got into the Core Exhibition Spring '08.
I'll post the actual picture files if anyone wants to see a detail of the pages.

Infamous heroes can save you

My final project for Intro to Ill freshman year. Assignment was to put our own twist to a fairy tale. So I did a futuristic Robin Hood. Pretty pleased with the character design and style, though I tried to make it like a vintage baseball card.... I don't think it reads as one though. The logo doesn't really feel finished, though I'm too lazy to go back into it. Still need a lot more practice with PS.

Done in Photoshop CS3

I r published ;D

So here it is. My design for Ursula (or rather Jewel...) has been published in Sketch Magazine issue # 34.

In my intro to Illustration class we got an assignment to design a character created by Bill Nichols. The character is a college student who's name is Ursula and she fights zombies...... So this is what I came up with. However, Bill Nichols thought my design fit Ursula's exotic Asian friend better.

Overall I'm not too crazy about the piece, but it got published along with five other fellow students so I'm not complaining. ;D
If you read the paragraph on the first page by my professor you can notice that they put a detail of my piece instead of my professor's by accident. Sorry Barker!

Here is the original image since the scan in the magazine didn't come out too great.

Done in Photoshop CS3

Monday, October 13, 2008

Follow the Flow

What's good kids?
First blog post... So you know, it's coming along....
I'll be putting up some of my art/wips/concepts as soon as I get the whole layout up and ready. It's gonna look pretty nice (IMO), so look forward to that.... or not? Ha.
Until then,